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Gum Disease

Follow These 5 Simple Steps to Avoid Gum Disease

Gum disease is a common oral health issue that can lead to serious complications if left untreated. From swollen and bleeding gums to tooth loss, the consequences of gum disease
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Tooth Abscess

Tooth Abscess: What You Need to Know for Proper Treatment

A tooth abscess is a serious dental condition that should not be ignored. It can cause severe pain, swelling, and even lead to more serious health issues if left untreated.
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Dental care at every age

There is no age category that is safe from dental problems. From the eruption of the first baby tooth, through to retirement, here are the most frequent dental conditions encountered
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What To Expect When Getting Your Wisdom Tooth Removed

Wisdom teeth certainly don’t make you smarter or wiser. However, they can give you serious headaches if you do not pay due attention to them. In order to avoid complications,
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Dental Implants – Frequently Asked Questions

More than half of the Canadian population has at least one missing tooth. Although this may seem like a minor inconvenience, it is actually a problem that could affect a
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A Tooth Extraction Primer – First In A 2-Part Series!

As a dentist in Victoria, BC, at Pacifica Dental, a tooth extraction is one of the most common procedures we do besides regular dental hygiene care and thorough oral health
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