The Benefits of Clear Aligners

The Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a modern orthodontic solution to traditional metal braces. Commonly known as Invisalign, clear aligners are a more comfortable and aesthetic alternative to metal braces.

Orthodontic treatment straightens your teeth, so they look and work better. Click the link to read more information about aligners:

With clear aligners, you can straighten your teeth without the unsightly and uncomfortable look and feel of metal brackets and wires. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using clear aligners for your orthodontic needs.

Comfort & Easier Cleaning

Clear aligners are made of an ultra-thin material that fits snugly over your teeth, making it much more comfortable than traditional metal braces. This thin design also makes it easier to clean your teeth. You simply remove the aligner before brushing or flossing and then put it back on after you’ve finished cleaning your teeth. With metal braces, you have to maneuver around the brackets while brushing and flossing, which can be difficult and time consuming.

Discreet Orthodontic Treatment

One of the biggest benefits of clear aligners is that they are virtually invisible when worn. That means no one has to know that you’re wearing them! Unlike traditional metal braces which are very noticeable, with clear aligners you don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious during treatment or having people constantly asking questions about why you’re wearing them. This makes them perfect for adults or teenagers who want a discreet way to straighten their teeth without compromising on quality or results.

Faster Results & Fewer Appointments

Another great benefit of clear aligners is that they offer faster results than traditional braces because they move your teeth more quickly into place with each successive set of trays that gets switched out every few weeks. Plus, since there are no wires or brackets involved with this type of treatment, there is no need for frequent adjustment appointments to the dentist like there would be with traditional braces – usually only once every six weeks or so!

To Wrap Things Up…

In conclusion, clear aligners offer many advantages over traditional metal braces when it comes to orthodontic treatment options. They provide comfort, discretion, and faster results while requiring fewer appointments overall compared to traditional braces – all without sacrificing quality or results in any way! If you’re looking for an effective way to straighten your teeth without having to deal with uncomfortable brackets and wires, then clear aligners might just be the perfect solution for you! The Pacifica Dental Clinic is proud to offer clear aligners to its patients in order for them to achieve the smiles of their dreams.

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SureSmile – Designed With Your Perfect Smile In Mind – Available From Your Dentist in Victoria

SureSmile – Designed With Your Perfect Smile In Mind

Remember the braces that looked like train tracks on teeth? The ones you couldn’t hide if you tried? SureSmile from our general dentists in Victoria can change how you feel about orthodontics.

At Pacifica Dental, we’re proud to provide removable, clear aligners by SureSmile®. This innovative treatment could be exactly what you’re looking for – and it’s been designed to give you the best results possible!

Some of the other benefits of SureSmile include:

  • Freedom. SureSmile won’t get in your way. Enjoy the foods you like, enjoy your active lifestyle, and keep your regular oral hygiene care routine.
  • Fast results. If aligners are changed weekly, it’s possible to achieve a straighter smile in much less time – as few as six months!
  • No surprises. Our general dentists in Victoria will get you set up, answer any questions you may have, and regularly check on your progress. Best of all, we will be able to show you what your new smile will look like before you even put on your first set of aligners!
  • Comfort. Each aligner is custom fabricated to fit snugly on your teeth and gums.

PLUS, we offer comfortable digital impressions using our directly connected scanner. Not only does it remove the need for goopy putty in your mouth, but it’s also a faster and more comfortable experience that results in a more precise fit for your SureSmile aligners.

Using the latest technology, SureSmile treatment has helped change millions of smiles around the world. Could yours be next? If you’re interested in learning about the success many patients have had with SureSmile, check out these patient testimonials. You’ll love them as much as we do!

Call today to learn if SureSmile is right for your smile. We will determine if it’s the choice for you during a no-obligation assessment. If you need help with financing, there are options available to make the journey easier and cost-effective!

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Drs. Cristina and Bogdan Coca, dentists in Victoria, BC