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General Dentistry: Tailored To Your Needs

It has been said that oral health is a window to a person’s general health. Some problems in your oral cavity may be caused by issues or may cause issues to arise in other parts of your body. General dentistry services will help to prevent dental conditions and/or treat them at an early stage. These services are recommended to patients of all ages and are tailored to one’s needs and desires.

A consultation is the basis of general dentistry and the first step in the doctor-patient relationship.

The main goals of an initial consultation are:

  • to record the patient’s personal medical history and current health status
  • to conduct a clinical examination
  • to recommend further investigation, such as x-rays, if necessary;
  • to establish a diagnosis, if applicable;
  • to understand the patient’s short and long-term needs and preferences;
  • to formulate plans for prevention.
General Dentistry

Once all the relevant information is obtained, the doctor and associates will offer personalized advice for your oral hygiene routine. They will recommend how to brush and floss, which toothpaste, toothbrush, or mouthwash to use, and what foods and drinks you might want to avoid or include in your diet. A professional hygienist will also advise you on how often you should visit the dental office to maintain good oral health.

General dentistry treatments

They include a variety of procedures and range from dental hygiene to a full mouth restoration.

Professional Cleaning with Dental Scaling

To reduce the risks of dental issues caused by bacteria, it is recommended to regularly have a professional cleaning (hygiene appointment) with dental scaling. The techniques available in our office result in the efficient elimination of bacterial residue with minimal to no discomfort.

Some patients even fall asleep 😴 in the chair!


Cavities occur when bacteria in the mouth produce acids that attack the teeth. A cavity is one of the most common problems encountered among patients and a main cause of tooth loss. The restoration of a tooth affected by a cavity is often accomplished with a dental filling or a crown. These restorations restore functional and aesthetic qualities, while keeping the look and feel as close as possible to that of the natural tooth.

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth that has excessive decay, an infection, or its existence on the arch prevents the eruption or normal alignment of the other teeth. Whenever possible, tooth extraction is the last option after all therapeutic possibilities to recover the affected tooth have failed.

Pacifica Dental is a clinic that serves families and individuals, from 0 to 100 years old, no matter what their dental problems. Our specialists have a solution for most dental conditions, and you are more than welcome to visit us if you need professional treatment or you are just looking to maintain the health and beauty of your teeth.

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