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Dr. Bogdan Coca

General Dentist

"I grew up watching my mother joyfully help people attain and maintain excellent oral health. Her passion became mine and I am thrilled to join her in private practice so I can also help people feel confident and positive about their teeth. Nothing brings me more joy than making our family of patients’ lives a little better with a beautiful, functional, and healthy smile."
Dr. Bogdan Coca


Dr. Bogdan Coca's educational path shines a light on his commitment to academic excellence and lifelong learning. Recognized for his academic prowess from a young age, he earned a prestigious writing award during primary school.

He pursued his undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria, majoring in Biochemistry, providing a solid foundation for his dental career. His deep compassion and interest in surgical procedures drove him to choose dentistry. His ability to connect with and understand patient needs has built a foundation of trust. Additionally, his certification in immIV sedation ensures patient comfort, especially for those anxious about dental procedures.

Dr. Coca's educational pursuits highlight his dedication, knowledge thirst, and commitment to exceptional patient care. His strong biochemistry background, coupled with his surgical interests, equips him to offer comprehensive dental services.

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Bogdan Coca deeply believes in the value of personalized treatments for his patients. Understanding that each individual has unique dental needs and personalities, he is devoted to offering tailored care. By providing private and personalized appointments, Dr. Coca ensures his patients receive exceptional dental care, surpassing their expectations consistently.

In every patient interaction, Dr. Coca seeks to genuinely understand and provide the utmost care. His zeal for dentistry shines through his resolve to consistently exceed patient expectations. His dedication is a clear testament to his genuine care for his patients' health and satisfaction.

An integral member of the Pacifica Dental Clinic team, Dr. Coca embodies the clinic's mission, offering compassionate and personalized care. His expertise, unwavering dedication, and keen understanding contribute to a comfortable dental experience for everyone he serves.

Away from the Office

Outside the clinic, Dr. Bogdan Coca's hobbies shape his holistic approach to dentistry. His culinary passion, especially in cooking and smoking meat, enhances his creative mindset in dentistry. Outdoor activities like hiking and skiing give him a sense of adventure and a deeper appreciation for natural beauty. His dentistry approach mirrors this, emphasizing the enhancement of patients' natural smiles.

Dr. Coca's love for soccer instills in him values of teamwork, discipline, and commitment, essential in his dental practice. His talent for fixing computers and interest in tech, including video games, allows him to excel in areas like implant planning and digital tools. These tech skills, combined with his dental expertise, provide precise and effective treatments.

His diverse interests enrich his dental practice, bringing creativity, precision, and innovation to his patient care.

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